Mono-component environmentally and EHS friendly detailing liquid membrane for use with GCP Applied Technologies waterproof membranes

Product Applications

PREPRUFE® DLM is a damp-concrete tolerant and monocomponent liquid membrane (EHS Friendly), which does not require mixing and cures using air moisture.

PREPRUFE® DLM is caulk applied, and is supplied in 600ml sausages.

Coverage is approx. 2.5 litres per m² at 2.5 mm thickness


  • pile terminations
  • pipe penetrations
  • membrane continuity through masonry
  • internal corners
  • difficult details


  • Liquid applied – conforms to irregular profiles
  • Waterproof – resistant to water vapour and water pressure
  • Mono-component – no need of mixing on site
  • Seamless – joint free membrane
  • Damp concrete tolerant
  • Odourless - improved workability in indoor environment
  • Cold applied – no flame hazard
  • PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® membranes compatible – complements both waterproofing membrane systems
  • Excellent hydrostatic head resistance performance – passes 70m hydrostatic head resistance for thickness of 2.5mm
  • No pot life – reduced wastage of unused material
  • Improved workability and trowel-ability – faster application
  • Reduced material wastage, aluminum packaging foil (reduced landfill fees)
  • No hazard pictograms - the product is not classified according to the GHS/CLP regulation


Substrate Preparation

Apply it to clean, dirt free, frost-free surfaces at a coverage rate of 2.5 litres per m². Allow the product to dry 60 minutes or until tack-free. Curing time may be longer in cold temperatures. Thick layer of product (except for fillet) should be avoided as this will lengthen the drying time.

Substrates should be dry or damped touch dry and free from surface condensation or standing water. All surfaces should be clean and free from dust, dirt, site debris, grease and any other contaminants that may compromise adequate adhesion.

Installation Details

Ambient temperature shall be +5°C and rising.

PREPRUFE® DLM may be used as a pointing surface sealer. A minimum overlap of the PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® sheet membrane of 50 mm shall be provided.

PREPRUFE® DLM is compatible with dry BITUTHENE® Primer W2 and the compound used on all PREPRUFE® and BITUTHENE® systems.

PREPRUFE® DLM will adhere to clean, dry metal substrates, PVC pipes and epoxy adhesive.



PREPRUFE® DLM 600ml sausage
Shelf Life 12 months
BITUTHENE® Primer W2 5 litre bottle
Ancillary Equipment
Solid barrel gun, spatula, trowel or float.
Approximate Coverage: PREPRUFE® DLM 600 millilitre package coverage per linear meter:
2.5 mm thick x 300 mm wide 0.8 Linear Meter per 600ml package
2.5 mm thick x 2 x 150 mm wide with 20 mm Fillet 0.7 Linear Meter per 600ml package
2.5mm thick x 20 mm Fillet 3 Linear Meters per 600ml package

Coverage information are typical and based on the smooth surface and will vary with surface texture


PREPRUFE® DLM is mono-component and doesn’t require mixing on site.


Apply PREPRUFE® DLM with a solid barrel gun and trowel the product to achieve a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm. Once applied, PREPRUFE® DLM will create a dry skin layer within one hour at normal ambient temperatures which will allow the product to be covered and to continue the works on site.

Material which has hardened on the installation tools must be discarded, and the tip of the gun’s nozzle must be trimmed before every application.

In case of application of PREPRUFE® 800PA, PREPRUFE® Tape and BITUTHENE® membranes on top of already cured PREPRUFE® DLM, it is required to prime the cured product with BITUTHENE® Primer W2.

Avoid thick layers of product, as in depth curing will take longer. To speed up the curing time, you may vaporize some water on the applied product.

At temperatures below +10°C, store overnight at +20°C to improve product’s workability.

Clean tools and equipment with solvent tool cleaner before PREPRUFE® DLM has cured.

Damage Repair

•  Damaged PREPRUFE® DLM can be repaired using PREPRUFE® DLM. Fully or partially cured PREPRUFE® DLM can be repaired using fresh PREPRUFE® DLM which will bond very well to already applied PREPRUFE® DLM. The PREPRUFE® DLM that needs repairing needs to be degreased and dust free.

•  PREPRUFE® DLM can be used to re-bond PREPRUFE® membranes on vertical when it has been de-bonded accidentally. After application of PREPRUFE® DLM, apply a water mist to the surface of PREPRUFE® DLM to initiate the curing process of PREPRUFE® DLM. Consequently apply the PREPRUFE® membrane on the PREPRUFE® DLM. Ensure good contact between PREPRUFE® DLM and the PREPRUFE® membrane.

UV Protection

PREPRUFE® DLM is not designed for permanently exposed applications, it should be covered within 56 days of application.

Health and Safety

Read the product carton and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use. Users must comply with all risk and safety phrases. SDS’s can be obtained from GCP Applied Technologies or from our web site at | Sverige kundservice: +46 (0) 4216 7800

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